Saturday, January 26, 2013

Nine Gates

Do you consider yourself original? Is what you create or write original, or did you get the idea from someone else? I believe in today's society people like to use the easy way out when the going get tough. The thought process is never only your thoughts you have to ask other people if what you think is a good idea, is. People have to make sure anything is socially accepted before they create anything. In the article "Nine Gates" it share the Buddhist psychology system. It share the five great fears.
1. Fear of death
2. Fear of the loss of livelihood
3. Fear of unusual state of consciousness
4. Fear of loss of reputation
5. Fear of public speaking
It says that each effects your ability to think originally, but the worst of all if them is fear of public speaking. It is the worse one because it allows the idea of social rejection. Then after that it is the fear of death. I think each of us has our own version of originality, we just need the right kind of push to get it out of us. Also, i think we have to be able to set aside the fear of rejection and believe in ourself. It wont be easy but i think you can accomplish it if you put enough work into it.


  1. Your right about this, the whole while, while we are thinking whatever were doing is "original" its never really original at all because we wont let it be. We go through the trouble of comparing it to others work, and also like you said getting feedback from others, when really if its original then it wont be being tweaked by others and based on how others feel about it.

  2. Yeah Chelsea that is really true